Coupon 101 - part 1 of many

Posted by Jen Ehrhardt on
For all you coupon newbies (and those of you who want to start using coupons, but think you don't have the time) I'm going to be posting some of my favorite coupon tips to try to help get you going. I thought the best thing to do is to start simply with a list of tips, so here goes...

1. Change your perception of coupons. I know a lot of you think of coupons as being something for "cheap people", "broke people" or "people with too much time on their hands". You need to start thinking of coupons as FREE MONEY. As I've said before -- If I gave you a wad of cash, you'd take it, right??? Well, coupons are just that. They're a way to get thing things you need or want for less than what they normally sell for!
2. Couponing doesn't take as much time as you think! When you first start couponing, there is a decent amount of time that you need to invest to get yourself organized. However, once you're organized and have been using coupons for a bit (I'd say a few shopping trips) you get used to it. After a while you'll find yourself lost without your coupons!
3. Don't be embarassed!!! I used to be SO embarassed to whip out a stack of coupons at the check-out. Well, if you haven't noticed our economy stinks and just about everyone will do just about anything to save a buck these days. The first time the person behind you in line hears your total before coupons and your total after coupons and asks "How in the world did you do that?!?!" you will no longer be embarassed -- you'll be doing the happy dance the whole way to your car.

Think about it, you'd brag to your girlfriends if you find an amazing purse for $20 so why not be proud of EVERY deal you get?

Stay tuned...... tips on getting started and organizing your coupons are coming soon :)


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