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So this is the "first edition" of From You Friday - a posting with ideas and tips shared by you all.  I had a few emails from you guys that weren't necessarily time sensitive, so I've been saving them up for this post.  I hope this post helps encourage you all in your fabulously frugal-ness ;)
First, I got a tip from TIB88 (sorry I don't know your name!!  If you read this feel free to leave a note and take the props that you diserve) about  This is another website that links up to lists of restaurants by area - you can search where you live, where you're going on vacation, places you're going on a day trip...  very handy! 

I also got an email from my fabulously fugal friend Perri about  On this website, you search by area to see which restaurants near you offer "gift certificates" on their website.  You can purchase their gift certificates for different amounts, only that isn't the amount you pay.  For example, right now you can purchase a $25 certificate for $5 when you use the code SHRIMP (got that code from Coupon Mom).  I recently purchased 4 $50 certificates for a total of $16 - I paid $4 each!  There is one thing you must know before purchasing (I bold this because I did NOT know the first time I purchased from them) - the certificates are good toward the purchase of a meal that is total valued at double the price of your certificate (my $50 certificates are good for $50 off a meal of $100 or more).  You can read their FAQ here.

That's it for this week - if you have anything you'd like to share for next week, please feel free to shoot me an email.

Thanks again TIB88 and Perri!!!


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