I'm in a Blogging Funk...

Posted by Jen Ehrhardt on
OK, so I started on this blogging adventure a while ago.  It actually took me several months to get things ready and actually start telling people about the site......  and now I'm finding myself in a place where I just don't want to blog.  Somehow it has evolved from fun ---> to ---> an obligation - I know, it sounds like a dirty word, doesn't it? 

As you may have noticed I haven't been blogging much over the past week. I've had so much more time to spend with my kids and my house has actually been a bit more of a happier place (I know, I know, sounds totally geek, but it's true!).  So now I'm feeling like this blog is sucking my life away - I mean, I was fine before it, right? 

You see,  I started doing it all as a fun and easy way to share my money saving ideas with my friends.  Somewhere over the past 2 months this turned into something that I am spending way too much time on.  I mean, I spent time looking up deals before but posting all the info just takes SO much more time.

I'm starting to ramble on here.  Basically what I'm trying to say is I think I need a bit of a break.  I need time to decide what I'm doing, whether I want to put my time into this blog (a lot of time for something that I get nothing in return for except the satisfaction of helping you guys, my most fabulous readers!) and whether I can find a way to strike a balance.  I'm torn over the whole thing. 

I will probably continue to post a little - kind of like over the past week, maybe more, maybe less.  I just wanted to let you all know why and what's going on. 

Nitey-nite for now :)  Stay frugal, and most of all stay fabulous!!!


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