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So, last night I was thinking about how I really need to put together some sort of list of restaurants where kids can eat free - or that have special deals.  And as fate would have it, today I get an email from my fabulous girlfriend Kathy with this link - a HUGE list of "kids eat free" deals!  This list breaks it down by days of the week and even lists the details of the deal.....  how totally fabulous is that?!?!  I'm SO bookmarking the website so I can check it out before we go out to eat.  The prices for kids meals seems to have been creeping up lately, so when I pay $6-7 for a kids meal and my son only eats 2 french fries I can't help but get annoyed (then my hubster feels obligated to finish the meal and complain about how he is going to get fat - yes, a fun night out to dinner for all!).  If I can go out for a decent dinner, get my kiddos dinners for free and then they only decide that they want to eat a few fries...........  I think I can live with that :)  But I will definitely NOT be telling my hubster that kids eat free at Hooters on Sundays!

*One thing I did notice is that the Mon/Tues deal for Logan's is not posted on the list. 

Enjoy, and thanks again Kathy!!!


TIB88 said...
September 25, 2009 at 4:26 PM

Another great site is MyKidsEatFree.com.

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