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Posted by Jen Ehrhardt on
Hey there!  Not much fabulous going on today, but I did post a new poll on my side bar - please vote.  I want to know which stores you shop at to play the "drug store game".  If you haven't heard the term "drug store game" it simply means that you shop using their rewards or rebate programs and get lots of items for FREE or super-cheap.  Why do I want to know?  Well, I am planning an upcoming contest and I am considering a gift card to one of the stores as one of the prizes :)  So if you want a good prize make sure you vote!

Nitey-nite!  Tomorrow is Wednesday, so grocery deals will be posted! 


shale said...
September 30, 2009 at 8:24 AM

Until I started following your blog (thanks to Jenn H.) and reading the posts this past week I never knew about the drugstore game, so I never shop at any of them. I'm really delighted to have found your blog and want to say THANK YOU for your work.

Having fun learning to be frugal with you,

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