Harris Teeter Deals - 9/30-10/6

Posted by Jen Ehrhardt on

OK, so still no super double coupons...... whatever HT!!!  I am busy this week anyway! 
And apparantly I'm not impressed with several grocery store sale ads this week.  What the heck??  Good thing I have some food to hold me over until next week.

Game Day Meal
8 pieces of fried chicken
1 lb Potato Sala
1 lb Macaroni Salad
1 Gallon Fresh Foods Market Tea or Lemonade
Total - $7.99

Just because I'm not loving the deals doesn't mean everyone else won't.  So, I'm linking you up to Frugal in Virginia.  Dana has a big run down of their deals for this week.

Here's something that I hope makes you giggle...  My 5 year old passed out in my bed earlier and I just left him there since I'm wrapped up in blogging.  I'm here typing away and I keep hearing him smack his lips and I'm thinking "Did he go to bed really thirsty or something???".  So I finally decide to go over and check on him and he fell asleep with gum in his mouth - and he's chewing it in his sleep!  I grabbed it out of his mouth and he woke up just long enough to give me a dirty look.  Oh well, maybe chewing that sugar free gum in his sleep will make up for the fact that he fell asleep without brushing his teeth tonight!


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