Old Navy Coupon updates - TONIGHT

Posted by Jen Ehrhardt on
REMINDER......  It's Thusday, the night that OldNavyWeekly.com usually updates their site with coupons!  The site is USUALLY (not always) updated some time after 8pm, but has been updated as late as 4am (that I've known of).  I have actually spent several Thursday nights clicking on refresh over ad over trying to get the site just after it updates so I can get one of the coveted big $$ coupons, but I haven't been so lucky yet. 
This week's update is supposed to include $65 off $100 purchase coupons - how fabulous would that be?!?!
Don't forget that when you get a coupon, you can share that same coupon with a friend - so have a friend's email address ready!  Each coupon is good for one time use only
Click HERE to get directly to the site and start your coupon search!  Hey, and if you find a good one put a note on here to let us know where you found it!!!  Gotta share the love xo

*Don't forget that those of you who are new to this whole thing about hunting down a coupon on a website thing can just click HERE to learn about how it all works :)


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