New printable coupons - get your printers ready!!

Posted by Jen Ehrhardt on
New printable coupons have been put up on several sites.  Check out the following sites for printable coupons to make sure you have the latest and greatest...
A Full Cup (click on "Target Coupon Generator" on the right side of the page)
Safeway coupons - link from my side bar or all the way at the bottom of my page - click on "see all coupons"
Don't forget to check out CellFire - this site links to your store loyalty cards and links the discounts directly to your cards! That way you don't need to worry about printing up paper coupons, the discount is applied when your card is scanned at the register (for more info visit their FAQ page).  You can also send deals to your cell phone, but I'm not that technologically inclined (remember when it took me 3 hour to change the background on my webpage???) so I haven't tried that yet.
*If you are printing coupons, remember that you can change your printer settings to print in "grey scale".  That way you will only use black ink and will save your color ink cartridge (saving $$) - the coupons will still be good for use!


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